Court Decisions

Bank of New York v. Unknown Heirs & Legatees, 369 Ill. App. 3d 472, 476 (2006).
The process server's efforts must be more than "casual, routine, or spiritless."
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City of Chicago v. Leakas, 6ILL. App. 3d 20, 27, (1972)
The law "requires an honest and well-directed effort to ascertain the whereabouts of a defendant by an inquiry as full as circumstances can permit"
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Edward Hines Lumber Co. v. Smith, 29 Ill. App 2d 35 (2nd Dist. 1961)
If the person of the defendant's family at the abode refuses service, the server may leave the papers on the door, which will effect substitute service on that person.
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Freund Equipment, Inc. v. Fox, 301 Ill. App. 3d 163 (2nd Dist. 1998)
It is enough to identify the documents (i.e., summons and complaint), state from which court they were issued, and give the court date.
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U.S. Bank vs. Johnston
US Bank vs Johnston.pdf
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United Bank of Loves Park v. Dohm, 115 Ill. App. 3d 286 (2nd Dist. 1983)
What is a Defendant's "usual place of abode"
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Tenn. Court Order Halts Process Servers
"Cerny, presiding Sessions Court judge, said he and the four other Sessions Court judges will allow private process servers to do the work. But they'll all have to apply through a procedure to get it. He's also pledging the court will watch them with a much closer eye."
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