Benefits of Membership

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Benefits of ILAPPS Membership
ILAPPS membership: the best business decision you’ll make all year. These are some of the benefits of joining. . .
Join the fight in defeating legislation that threatens the livelihood of your business:
In 1982, the National Association of Professional Process Servers organized to defeat federal legislation that proposed allowing service of process and notices by registered mail. While initially successful in stemming this tide, federal law today now allows service of process and delivery of subpoenas by registered mail. It is only a matter of time that similar legislation will be proposed in Illinois to allow for similar rules in the delivery of state court service of process.
A large volume of service of process in Illinois is to registered agents. Proposals have been made to allow service of process via electronic mail. This type of legislation would erode the safeguards of personal delivery, and diminish the quality of judicial process.
With tax revenues declining, county sheriffs are looking to make it more difficult for private process servers to operate in Illinois. We need a strong Association that can stand toe-to-toe with other associations whose interests compete with our own.
By joining the Illinois Association of Professional Process Servers you can help build a strong and effective state wide Association. Your financial support as a dues paying member makes it possible to retain the services of a professional lobbyist in Springfield who will advocate for our common interests.
Help support legislation that promotes our common interests as professional process servers by joining:
You can make a difference. Together, we can pass
  • Legislation to protect our servers from assault and battery;
  • Legislation that allows process servers access to Secretary of State driver’s license and identification card photos for photo verification of identity;
  • Legislation that enhances our arsenal against those individuals who attempt to evade service of process;
Help advocate for administrative rules that promote the interests of our profession:
State agencies have their own rule making authority that can also impact our industry. Our lobbying efforts in Springfield will also be aimed at administrative rules that affect process servers.
Some of the goals we have in mind include the adoption of administrative rules within the Illinois Secretary of State that will allow our Association to purchase at bulk rate updated vehicle registration and identification card information. We can pass on to our members a greatly reduced rate as a service that you can use to locate individuals for the purpose of securing service of process.
Would you like to become part of an association that provides continuing educational programs?
The majority of our members are licensed private detective agencies. Would you like to have an organization that works with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation to provide a certified 20 Hour Basic Training program for PERC employees?
Even if you are a sole practitioner, you can participate in continuing education programs that enhance your skills as a professional.
Would you like to increase your networking opportunities?
Membership in ILAPPS provides you with an opportunity to network with other process servers in Illinois, and with legal professionals who utilize our website.
Would you like to participate in the marketing advantages of being listed on the ILAPPS website?
Our website has been designed by Graphiclynx, the same web designer of the NAPPS website. Their unique search features will allow legal professionals to book mark our website for the convenience of locating a process server anywhere throughout Illinois.
Our website will also provide you with updated information on pending legislation that affects our industry.
Would you like to realize substantial savings in your costs of doing business?
Already, the benefit of membership has resulted in substantial savings for agency owners. Few of us knew that we were being overcharged by our insurance companies for workers’ comp insurance. That is until one of our members, William Sheehan, made it known that the Scopes Manual created by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), which is used by all insurance carriers to determine an employer’s worker’s comp rate, has a special classification code for process servers (#8742) that sets the rate at approximately .85 cents per $100 of payroll. This is far cheaper than the Police Officer and Security Guard classification code that most of us had been paying at the rate of approximately $4 per $100 of payroll! For more information on this you can find a copy of the Scopes Manual on our website.
Would you like to be informed of the latest trends in technology that will make your business more efficient, making you more money?
So what are you waiting for?
Become a member of the Illinois Association of Professional Process Servers.